About the artist Juan Martinez

Self-taught painter with a rather atypical background who has always practiced painting and drawing since a young age. Lives in Lot-et-Garonne. Subsequently, he resided in North Yorkshire in England, where he still has works on display.

He trained in art from Harrogate College located in North Yorkshire, England.

He often says that painting helps him express his emotions, that he draws from his subconscious and thus transmits his ideas by sharing them.

His works are marked by the intensity of bright and saturated colors. He tries to convey emotional ideas, while seeking connectivity in the composition.

The story of the artist Juan Martinez

"Since my childhood, very young, I loved drawing. I guess it was to make new friends. I didn't try to copy exactly, but just let my creative thoughts draw a few things that would resemble a more or less familiar form. Drawing for me was a kind of escape from solitude.

I remember painting a mural during my years at technical high school. It was at the home, I had painted an extract from 101 Dalmatians while my friends painted more Rock'n Roll works. But why 101 Dalmatians, but because I mastered the form; the stroke of the pencil.

Many years passed and here I am following a back operation that I discovered watercolor. It was in 1988.

I bought my first Rafael brushes, which I still have, and my first pan of extra fine watercolor from Winsor and Newton. I am improving and becoming more and more interested. I almost learn on my own. I am a pure autodidact. I paint for myself and for my friends, my family.

1993, I went to work in England and stayed there for a while. The years pass very quickly, but I still continue with watercolors.

2017, I decided to take the plunge and show my watercolors to a wider audience. I'm still in England and I'm exhibiting for the first time at an exhibition organized in an old train station. I am very proud of my adventure.

Over the years, I have continued this exciting adventure. I document new techniques used in watercolor by contemporary master watercolorists.

Due to personal reasons; I'm back in France at the end of 2020. We are in the middle of COVID. I'm moving in the middle of COVID. From one week to the next, Great Britain and France are paralyzed again.

September 2021, after contracting COVID, I exhibited my works in a gallery in Entre-deux-mer in Monségur.

I met quite a few artists, more particularly, I made friends with Marina Desportes and Annabelle de Miras.

We exhibit together with the gallery and then without the gallery.

June 2022, we have our first exhibition at the Citadel of Blaye in Gironde, France. From there, my adventure as an artist continues. Three years and dust that I have lived in France, I am quite proud of my more or less chaotic and very exciting journey as an artist."

— Juan Martinez, Visual Artist.